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About Us

Furnicraft a Cape Town Based Company, has been manufacturing furniture since 1974. 
They are socially responsible and have adopted a Forestry Standard supplier policy.

As the largest furniture manufacturing company of its type in South Africa they are able to achieve economies of scale.  This saving they are proud to be able to pass on to the consumer to build on their offering of Affordable Luxury.

Accordingly their motto is quite simple “We make it ourselves, buy direct & save”


Our minimum criteria for all wood and board supplied to Furnicraft.
•    Not from forests  that have been illegally harvested.
•    Not from forestry operations engaged in forest-related social conflicts.
•    Not harvested in geographically identified Intact Natural Forests (INF) or high conservation forests, unless they are certified as responsibly managed.
•    Not harvested from natural forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use.
•    Not from officially recognized genetically modified tree plantations.
•    Suppliers must have procedures in place to implement these standards throughout  their supply chain and be able to track and report the origin of their wood.